M.X Spring | Summer 19




This 2019 Spring I Summer Collection,  called "Cruel Summer" pays tribute to the summer atmosphere typical of the US seaside towns, reflecting multiple influences and heritage. These vertical architectures, where modernity and nature coexist, leave sand beaches to be mirrored on huge buildings’ facades. The many palm trees and the incredible diversity of sunsets’ colours together create a true fascination for these versatile cities. An imagery full of energy which inspired Maxime Simoëns in his creation of an American pop and graphic summer, as in a kaleidoscope

This season, the M.X man flies across the Atlantic to surround himself with graphic prints and tangy colours, all in the spirit of the sunny towns of the US coast. Between the green glow of the palm trees, the M.X man unwinds for the summer. A colourful collection, available in new cuts and contemporary material.

Maxime Simoëns interprets and declines once more, the sport's universes' codes et foresees the masculine wear in an urban and contemporary fashion. High standards and care given to the numerous details as well as to the material itself give this collection a true techno-couture spirit. Reinvented through many shapes and perfect outlines, this collection presents classical cuts that have gone through a modernised process as well as truely innovative pieces.