M.X Fall I Winter 18-19


This autumn-winter 18 | 19 collection, entitled "Forever Kid", is inspired by the graphic and esthetic universe of the beginning of the video game era, where Pac-man, Tetris, Archanoid or Space Invaders were the masterminds. This golden age of video games is this collection's crimson thread. It questions the complex link between the eighties aesthetic and the gamer himself. The gaming world vastly contributed to the christening of contemporary popular culture and to viceral changes in modern society.

This season, the M.X man draws his inspiration in retrogaming's cultural symbols, as well as in the environment surrounding this universe. These mythical games, having become a real aesthetic and cultural pop tropism, are part of society's mythology, a society in which the M.X man continues to grow. Thanks to the many graphic prints, modern materials and contemporary cuts, this electrical collection reveals the standard and powerful aim for a radical aesthetic.

Maxime Simoens interprets and declines once more, the sport's universes' codes et foresees the masculine wear in an urban and contemporary fashion. High standards and care given to the numerous details as well as to the material itself give this collection a true techno-couture spirit. Reinvented through many shapes and perfect outlines, this collection presents classical cuts that have gone through a modernised process as well as truely innovative pieces.