M.X Spring | Summer 18



"Neon Boy" is this Spring I Summer 18's real neonostalgic pop culture allegory- as well as well as an imaginary "voyage" through the 80s' retro visuals, and its aesthetic metallic mood. Electric and urban, it draws its inspiration from the city's neon lights and takes us on a adventurous ride through a smoky underground parking lot of the notorious L.A. 

Having become an esthetic, pop culture reference, neon lights are part of the night time mythology in which the M.X. man is evolving. The creation of numerous geometrical prints, the use of different metallic broderie makes this collection uniquely pop and vibrantly electric. It sheds light on the designer's timeless search for raffinement.

Maxime Simoens enhances and interprets, once again, codes of the sports’ universe and envisions the men's locker room in an contemporary urban way. Highly attentive to details and to the choice of fabrics, designer takes this collection to a real couture level. Brought to perfection, he offers revisited timeless classics as well as more fashionable pieces.